A Different Day

There was something different on this day. If you know, as usual I came to my college at the lunch time. I was feeling alone at the time. Surfing in the internet at the corner of Agriculture Faculty. I had waited something that not happened for a long time. Just waiting it. Something uncertain. I was really bored. I mean, you must know if you were me. Like an useless person.

The time have gone dan must go. Until now, I haven’t found what I am seeking and what I am waiting for. Absolutely, it’s funny. But also made me angry sometimes. I don’t like waiting. Very much. You must know it. You must understand me.

This afternoon I had gone to the ATM Center and transfered some money for buying a website domain. But, it made me feeling bad. Verily, I wanted to do something terrible. Of course, It would be dangerous for others. So, I stopped like that. Just calm down and be patient. Tomorrow I must calling the customer service of that company for confirming my transfered this day.

I must waiting it until tomorrow. Must be. And I don’t like it.

CMIIW – Still Learning English as A Foreign Language


About Ikhwan Al Amin

"I am a mathematician, but very interested to writing on media especially about politics and world of education characters. Loved sastra. Studied in Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia."
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